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No answer from anyone for a while? Does anyone age any contact details? They have my watch still.

Who has the watch?


this jyiothi,

i want to return the watched coz i have not not received which i have ordered and damaged also 


What brand is the watch?


I want to return my combo fastrack watch for women. Coz I have not received what I have ordered

I recommend looking at this URL it will tell you all you need to know

We are not service agents for Milan Watch Company or Fastrack, unfortunately people in India are mixing up Military Watch Company (our client) with Milan Watch Company (not our client) and the two firms are not connected and Fasttrack is not a brand we know of or service either. Unfortunately we only realised when we started receiving emails that something odd was going on so some watches are already on the way to us which we will have to charge clients to return as we have no contact with the manufacturers. We don’t even know where Milan Watch Company is located but we were advised by someone the customer service number in India is 0488879184. It was only when we spoke to our client MWC / Military Watch Company that the whole thing became clear because they are receiving 5-10 emails a day over all the the confusion.

It seems based on what we have seen on the web that there could be some sort of scam but it is far from clear whats going on although each ticket opened with us refers to wrong goods, defective goods or items damaged so there is a pattern.


Mike Ryan

Timepiece Service Centre

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