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Rolex Explorer 1

I have a Rolex Exprorer 1  and am wondering if its possible to fit a GTLS dial and hands and get a new dial I am very keen to get the increased night performance and I own several Rolex watches but I wondered if this can be done.

Fitting them to the dial shouldn't be too much of a problem, as long as the tubes do not touch the hands. Getting them to fit right could be awkward though - I'd imagine the old indexes would have to be removed for instance. 

The hands might pose more of a headache. The increase in weight if you use the current hand will be likely to cause problems because I'm not sure there's enough pinion height on a Rolex movement for tubes; also the watch might not run as accurate as before for instance due to the drag. Rolex don't make anything with tritium GTLS so its hit and miss but a complete dial and hands swap might be best because if needed the watch can be restored to its original state. 

I would say this is quite a project and not something I would want to do but we would like to see the end result if someone managed it.

Thanks it sounds like it will be a devil of a job I might opt for a Traser, MWC or Marathon it will be less stressful and they all have potential models that would do the job.

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