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MWC watch repair

My MWC BH G10 needs to be rebuilt after it was dismantled by a repairer who went out of buisness. I got the pieces of my watch back minus tritium hands and with a damaged face. Is it possible to get MWC to rebuild it as I do not see my watch in the MWC list of watches for sale. Mike


Can you send me an image and I can call MWC to determine the options.



Hi Jenny, thank you for the rapid reply.

I will do my best to upload images of my watch.

Here we go. Yes it worked, sorry my phone does not take great pictures.





purchased a mwa 656d/b1/li on 22 may 19 . green pip on bezel has fallen out/lost . how do i return to you for repair . regards . chris

seeing as to how there hasn’t been any new comments on this forum in years, I am wondering if this forum is still viable. Also, is there an authorized repair facility here in the US. I really don’t want to send the watch back to the UK for warranty repair on my dime while only having it 30 days.

We do not get much activity on the forum I agree. Most people seem to email regarding the brands we work with without knowing the brand or other details of your watch it’s hard to advise so it might be better to email us at with details of the brand etc.

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